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rhobaAIR ® AEROWASH 3000

Old productname: RHOBA ALTIA A201

Thixotropic, water-dilutable special cleaning concentrate. Leaves a clean surface that resists faster re-soiling. Can be applied as a film or foam. Leaves a clean surface that resists faster re-soiling.
Can be applied as a film or foam.


  • Multifunctional use.
  • Thixotropic properties, adhering to vertical surfaces or overhead applications
  • Dissolves heavy soiling such as oil, grease, soot, brake dust, environmental dirt
  • For gentle and protective cleaning of aircraft, helicopters, undercarriages, vehicles, rims, and components as well as other applications
  • Also suitable for glass and acrylic glass surfaces, cured paints, plastics, and magnesium or titanium alloys.
  • International Aviation approvals: McDonnel Douglas CSD # 1; BSS7432; AMS 1526 B; Lufthansa approval. Corresponds to LH Technik AG „Grey List“.


Depending on the level of contamination and application, it can be used either concentrated or diluted with water. When diluting with water, ensure thorough mixing.

For heavy-duty cleaning or technical washing, dilution with RHOBA LAVIA L202 (RHOBASOL 5503) is also possible (5 parts of rhobaAIR AEROWASH 3000 with 1 part of RHOBA LAVIA L202).

When diluted beyond 25% by volume, the product loses its thixotropic properties.

Rinse with clean water after cleaning.

Wipe25 – 100 Vol. %20 °C
Foam application10 – 25 Vol. %20 °C
Interior cleaning10 Vol. %20 °C
Spraying, dipping, ultrasonic methods10 – 50 Vol. %20 – 50 °C



AppearenceGreen, slightly cloudy and viscous liquid
Density at 20 °Capprox. 1,01g/ml

Storage temperature: 5-30 °C

Shelf life: 12 months

Check material compatibility in an inconspicuous place before use. Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning and care instructions! No liability can be accepted for improper use and resulting damage.